Interfaculty cooperation

Students of Tsinghua University Beijing and TU Vienna will work on proposals for the design of the new facilities – buildings and outdoor spaces – needed for staging the Rowing World Championships 2019 in Ottensheim.

Water is not just the element essential to all life; it is also a vital feature of landscapes and townscapes in all cultures, albeit one which needs to be carefully managed if it is to reach its full potential as an attractive feature of the urban landscape.
Water sport is also an international activity and attraction, as well as representing an important economic potential. In 2019 the World Rowing Championships will be staged on the Upper Austrian town of Ottensheim, where it will be necessary to design and build suitable new facilities for this international event.
Water is also a key design element in the creation of attractive urban environments, and developing an understanding of its nature and how the water cycle can be manipulated is the first objective of this design studio. Subsequently this knowledge will be applied by the participants in developing design concepts for the site of the forthcoming World Rowing Championships.

The design studio will begin with a comparative typological analysis of the ways in which water is understood and used as a part of the urban and landscape settings of towns in different cultures and contexts, with special reference to examples from China and from Austria.
Armed with the results of this analysis, proposals for the design of the new facilities – buildings and outdoor spaces – needed for staging the Rowing World Championships will be prepared by students from both participating universities – Tsinghua and TU Vienna, working together as far as is possible.
An excursion to Ottensheim, the small town on the River Danube chosen to host the World Championships, will take place at the start of the project, providing the opportunity for students not just to learn directly about the site chosen, but also to meet some of the key actors responsible for bringing the event to the town and for implementing the project.


Jour fixe: Thu. 10:00-14:00

05.03.15 Introduction for TU Vienna Students – Presentation (7,1MB)
12.03.15 Kick Off with TU Vienna and Tsinghua Univ. Students
13.-15.03.15 Excursion: The Path of Water – Programme (0,5MB)
19.03.15 Concept presentation
16.04.15* Workshop with video conference
30.04.15 Consultation
07.05.15 Consultation
21.05.15* Interim presentation with video conference
28.05.15 Consultation
11.06.15 Consultation
18.06.15 Consultation
25.06.15* Final presentation with video conference

* Thu. 10:00-16:00

Schedule: Download (0,3MB)

Design Studio Project

Connection Ottensheim by Roisin McHugh and Katie Nicholson

connecting ottensheim 1 connecting ottensheim 2 connecting ottensheim 3 connecting ottensheim 4 connecting ottensheim 5 connecting ottensheim 6 connecting ottensheim 7 connecting ottensheim 8 connecting ottensheim 9 connecting ottensheim 10

Design Studio Project

Experimental Temporary Architecture by Beata Borosnyay and Risako Suzuki

experimental temporary architecture 1 img img img img img

Design Studio Project

Living the Waterfront by Linda Maiocchi and Petra Vuskovic

living the waterfront 1 img img img img img

Design Studio Project

Network of Paths by Name

network of paths 1 img img img img

Design Studio Project

SPORT-O by Karin Kempinger and Katja Schlögl

sport o 1

Design Studio Project

Watertrails by Max Reckman and Lilian Mandalios

living the waterfront 1 img img


Lectures of 13th March

Presentations of 12th March


Wang Lu (Tsinghua Univ Beijing), Alfons Dworsky, Richard Stiles, Annalisa Mauri