De Urbanisten, Rotterdam

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Dirk van Peijpe (1962) is the founder and director of De Urbanisten. He studied urban design and planning at the Academy for Architecture in Rotterdam (NL), specializing in urban design. He had a long career at the Municipality of Rotterdam before he started De Urbanisten together with Florian Boer.

De Urbanisten work in the domain of urban design and landscape architecture. Their focus is on the integration of water, mobility and energy systems within the spatial design of the city to improve the quality of urban public space. De Urbanisten are working on watersensitive projects worldwide. Their watersquare in Rotterdam (2014) became an icon of innovative design for a changing climate.

Dirk van Peijpe is an expert in urbanism and landscape design related to climate adaptation and water. As a project leader, he has a long experience in the realisation of complex projects in which community outreach is a key asset.

Dirk van Peijpe is currently involved in the climate related transitions of urban districts in Rotterdam, The Hague and Gent (B) among other cities. He participated with De Urbanisten in the Dutch National Delta Program to advise on the relations between watersafety and spatial development in addition to carrying the responsibilities for the Climate Adaptation Strategy for Rotterdam. The watersquare in the city of Tiel, a first ‘rainstreet’ for Copenhagen and a ‘rainpark’ in Ghent are among his recent projects.

Dirk van Peijpe is a renowned guest at international conferences on climate adaptation and urbanism in e.g. Copenhagen, Bruxelles, Milan, Istanbul, New York and Berlin. Dirk van Peijpe lectures at the Academy for Architecture in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Tilburg (NL).


„Blue Commons“

session 3: facing up to climate change   14.30 – 15.45

The Watersquare in Rotterdam – designed by De URBANISTEN – became an icon for a new approach in urbanism and landscape right after its opening in 2014. The square is both a vivid public space and a storage for water in times of excessive rainfall. The watersquare perfectly illustrates how the agenda of climate adaptation can be combined with the creation of a more attractive public domain in a densifying urban environment.

From there, De Urbanisten developed a comprehensive and rich portfolio on the theme of ‘climate adaptive urbanism’. Their projects move from a water-sensitive strategy for Mexico City to the design for a ‘rainstreet’ in Copenhagen. They were responsible for the Rotterdam Climate Adaptation Strategy and recently realized a second watersquare in Tiel.

In his presentation, Dirk van Peijpe will reflect on the practise of urbanism and landscape design in the context of a changing climate. He will share his experiences in recent projects on both the process and the design itself. Rotterdam – delta city and a living lab for the work of De Urbanisten- will be in the centre of the presentation.