City of Hamburg, Department of Urban Development and Housing

Metz 160P

First Director General Susanne Metz is Head of the Directorate for Regional and Urban Planning as part of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, City State of Hamburg, Germany.

She gained her Diploma as an urban and landscape planner at the Technical University of Hannover and added an administrative clerkship in the State of Hessia. As an experienced project manager in landscape planning she joined the International Building Exhibition Emscher Park GmbH (IBA), Gelsenkirchen, where she signed in as Head of division for Emscher Landscape Park.

Following new forms of interdisciplinary and integrated planning she worked for the state agency for ecology, land use and forestry, (Landesanstalt für Ökologie, Landschaftsentwicklung und Forstplanung), State of North Rhine-Westfalia (LÖLF).

Switching to the municipal planning sector, City Planning Department City of Frankfurt am Main – as Executive Head of Landscape Planning and Ecology, Executive Head of Urban Development Planning and member of GreenBelt Frankfurt a. M. and further on City Planning Department City of Mannheim – Executive Head of Urban Development and Statistics – were stages to perform both: open space and urban density concepts.

Susanne Metz is a member of Akademie für Raumordnung u. Landesplanung, LAG Nord. She also is active in the field of consulting and training such as Institut für Städtebau Berlin / DASL, professional associations and NGOs.


„Strategies for open space and urban densification“

session 1: updating green strategies      9.30 – 10.45

Cities are very popular. Throughout the world they are places where people flock in search of a good life and a better future. Hamburg as well acts as a magnet, drawing in new people and becoming home to many of them.

So the City of Hamburg decided to increase the number of building permits and housing developments to be aimed at. A strategy of both: more city within the city, focussing on densification and inner development in all the districts and: more city at new places, developing new quarters in the outer city, going along with a strategy of open space qualities.

GreenNet Hamburg (GrünesNetz Hamburg), green roof programme, additional financing via eco cent and tapping funding programmes are important means to keep and development the green and open spaces in this green and growing city by the water.